1950 US Census

Bringing one of the biggest moments in family history to you – on April 1, 2022, the 1950 U.S. Census was released by the National Archives. Ancestry immediately began indexing the information, state by state, to make it searchable for you, for free.

We were honored to be trusted by Ancestry to communicate a massive milestone – this was the first time in which millions of census documents were scanned by artificial intelligence to make the census records available as quickly as possible for genealogists across the country to search and see in context with other records on That means your ancestor’s stories from 1950 will come to life like never before. We spoke to census enumerators, data scientists, professional genealogists, and other family history experts to share the immense significance of the release of the 1950 Census on Ancestry. It was a great chance to dive deep on exciting new AI technology and see how it is helping make the world of genealogy more accessible for all to discover their family’s past.