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Officially called Impatient Cow Productions, our studio in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah is equipped to deliver virtually any aspect of video production—from augmented reality to live action, VFX, and animation. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or are looking to create something from scratch, we’re smooth, efficient, experienced, and 100% committed to exceeding your expectations.

Want to get something started? Drop us a line and we’ll get rolling on it. 

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The key to great filmmaking is collaboration, supported by exceptional talent, creativity and the tools and tech you need to produce impactful, award-winning video.


As a comprehensive video production company, we have the tools and expertise to transform virtually any concept into a reality.

Camera drone following subject in a field at sunset

Shooting / Video Production

Impatient Cow is a full-service production studio who have traveled the globe to capture and create what’s needed to push our industry.


Nothing captivates quite like a beautiful animation. The visual possibilities are endless, as are their use cases.


We are fully equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge tools and technology to make your audience part of the story. Enhance your storytelling and go above and beyond to bring your concept to life.

Audio Production

No matter how impressive the visuals are, their primary impact comes from sound design. Audio production is a big part of our one-stop-shop approach.

Ancestry billboard in Times Square

Content Creation

Content Creation is quite the umbrella term, and we fully embrace everything it covers. We’re with you for as much of the process as you need us to be.

Why Impatient Cow?

The short answer:  We were stuck trying to think of a good name and this one stuck.

The long answer: You know the knock-knock joke? Yeah. That one, ending with “Impatient Cow” and a big ol’ “MOO!”. We were banging our heads against the wall trying to come up with the perfect name for our company when someone broke the tension with that joke. But it got us thinking. Everyone remembers that joke once they hear it. There’s a nice nod to seizing opportunity when it knocks. And it’s unique, a little unconventional, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Kind of like us.