Animation (3D & 2D)

Nothing captivates quite like a beautiful animation. The visual possibilities are endless, as are their use cases.

3D Animation

For 3D animation, we’ve hand crafted complex and highly detailed models and environments for the most demanding applications, like medically accurate 3D bodies to explain complex medical procedures, or for high stakes legal cases brought to us by major casinos where every square millimeter of the detail mattered, as well as simulating mining drills, pool covers, and state of the art phone lens technology, to name a few.

2D Motion Graphics

We’ve utilized stop motion, panned with parallax, bit crushed pixel art, javascripted data heavy explainer vids, and bred national commercial campaigns with dancing sandwiches. Check out our Century Link blog post for how we crafted and award winning piece about disaster recovery. 2D motion graphics is one of the most efficient and attention grabbing ways to express an idea and present information, and with endless style possibilities, your story is just a keyframe away from becoming a reality. Okay, more like a thousand keyframes, but you get it.

Bring your idea to life

Pick your medium, AR/VR, 2D, 3D, game engine, or app, whether you need a utility bill explained simply to a customer, or an entire world built of Greek gods and flowing wine, we’ve got the chops to bring your idea to life.