Audio Production

Impatient Cow has a massive talent pool of reliable VO artists. We’ll find the right music, whether you want to hear a bunch of options from our stock libraries or want something special with fully custom music scoring.

Spacious custom-built VO booth for in-house recording

You know that scene from Interstellar where Mathew McConaughey is falling into the black hole? It wouldn’t have been quite the same if Katie Perry had been belting “Baby you’re a firework” while Christopher Walken voiced an inner monologue. No matter how impressive the visuals are, their primary impact comes from sound design, and Impatient Cow Productions offers a wide range of professional audio services.

Radio Samples

Subway Mini Sliders Movie Trailer

Larceny Bourbon Logo

Larceny Bourbon

AAA Wyoming

Custom Music Samples

Boart Longyear

Boart Longyear Rocks

Honda – Custom Music Score

Sky Ridge – Custom Music Score

Fully equipped and ready to mix

Our audio engineers are fully equipped to record and mix, from foley and sound effects, to radio production and audio sweetening.