Utah Outdoor Rec

Our experience filming for Utah outdoor recreation was truly remarkable. We embarked on a thrilling journey, crisscrossing the picturesque landscapes of Utah, and had the privilege of interviewing a diverse group of passionate and industrious individuals. Our primary objective in creating these videos was to help businesses and organizations secure grants from government officials, ensuring the maintenance and preservation of trails and other key locations for the enjoyment of both tourists and locals alike. Throughout this endeavor, our team absorbed invaluable lessons from these extraordinary individuals, witnessing firsthand their unwavering dedication. The impact of these grants extends far and wide, benefitting not only local businesses but also non-profit organizations striving to keep dreams alive for all who visit this awe-inspiring state.

Utah Outdoor Rec- Together

Together, we discovered the profound significance of this endeavor. By showcasing the hard work and dedication of these remarkable individuals, we sought to ignite a sense of urgency and appreciation among viewers. These grants provide crucial support to keep Utah’s outdoor destinations pristine, inviting, and accessible. It is through the collaborative efforts of businesses, organizations, and government officials that the dreams and aspirations of both locals and visitors are nurtured, ensuring a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone. Utah Outdoor Rec, Our experience filming for Utah outdoor recreation has left an indelible mark on us, reinforcing the importance of unity and collective action in preserving the natural wonders that make Utah an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

Joe’s Valley

Joe’s Valley is celebrated as one of the world’s premier bouldering destinations, where sandstone boulders align the hillsides, seemingly crafted for climbing: the rock’s texture strikes the perfect balance of being skin-friendly yet featured and robust, while the landings consistently prove fantastic. Utah Outdoor Rec, With approaches typically taking five minutes or less, and numerous popular boulders just a stone’s throw from the car, our time filming there was truly remarkable! Moreover, it’s worth noting that locals are actively seeking grants to preserve and maintain these locations in excellent condition for future generations to enjoy.


Elevated Mountain Guides is committed to empowering underserved communities – locally and abroad – looking to access the outdoors, expand their expertise, and engage with nature. Through their program, Project Climb, they work in local climbing gyms to develop the skills and confidence to get outdoors, utilizing therapeutic techniques to aid their participants in the outdoors and their daily lives. The Utah Children’s Outdoor Recreation and Education (UCORE) grant will help to support this program and expand outdoor access to underserved youth in the greater Salt Lake area.

Cedar City

Iron Hills, situated on the southern side of Cedar City, serves as a trailhead catering specifically to mountain biking enthusiasts. The area offers various amenities such as flush toilets, a gravel parking area, a kiosk, and a sign-in box. Presently, there exists over 20 miles of expertly crafted trails, and an additional 30 miles of trails are currently in the planning phase. Notably, the Highlands, Green Hollow, Boulder Dash, Lava Flow, and Iron Giant trails have been designed as downhill flow trails, ensuring an exhilarating biking experience. Furthermore, the local community is actively engaged in securing grants to further enhance and expand these remarkable trails.


The National Ability Center is dedicated to empowering individuals of all abilities by fostering self-esteem, confidence, and the development of lifelong skills through a diverse range of sport, recreation, and educational programs. Utah Outdoor Rec, With a strong belief in the transformative power of these activities, the center creates a welcoming and inclusive environment where people can challenge themselves, discover their potential, and embrace their unique abilities. By providing accessible and adaptive programs, the National Ability Center enables individuals to overcome barriers, build resilience, and achieve personal growth, ultimately enriching their lives and fostering a more inclusive society.