Nathan has been Post-Production Supervisor at Impatient Cow Productions for over 12 years, and has managed and cataloged over 870 separate projects (as of this writing). He can access any part of any project within several minutes notice. Being able to quickly and efficiently access and change any project is paramount when dealing in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of post-production.

The Importance of Project Organization, Over the years, we have developed a very specific folder structure for the various project types we deal with daily. It has adapted and evolved over time, and will continue to do so, but it’s success has always come down to one rule: no matter how it is organized, if it is not followed and strictly adhered to, you will fail. It’s easy to throw assets randomly into the folder structure and the project file, but I have found time and time again that by just taking the extra few minutes to ensure the stills, audio, or video files are where they should be, it saves countless hours in the future. Whether the project passes through many hands on its way to completion, or whether you need to dive back in years from now, a well-organized project is worth its weight in gold.

Technology will constantly shift and improve in the future, there’s no doubt about that. There will always be an Adobe update that affects how png files work, or a Maya V-ray render issue that you’ll need to troubleshoot. But keeping a strict eye on the multitude of assets to ensure a tight workflow will make you an invaluable and dependable part of the team.