Ivanti Value Drivers Series

Ivanti Value Drivers Series

Ivanti Value Drivers Series run down

We are happy to share that Impatient Cow Productions has won multiple awards for our video series focused on Ivanti’s mission to make the Everywhere Workplace possible. The recognition is well-deserved, as our video series effectively communicates the importance of technology in enabling a flexible and productive work environment.

The Everywhere Workplace has become increasingly important in today’s world, as more and more companies adopt remote and hybrid work arrangements. Our video series highlights Ivanti’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enable employees to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. By showcasing the benefits of this approach, our video series encourages businesses to embrace technology as a key enabler of flexibility, collaboration, and productivity.

Our award-winning video series is a testament to Ivanti’s dedication to creating a future where work can happen from anywhere. Congratulations to our team on this well-deserved recognition.

Gold Telly Award – Workplace Culture

Gold Telly Award – Branding

Silver Telly Award – Business to Business

Platinum Muse Award – Business to Business

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