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Calloused cinematographer who finds balance in contrast

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Skylar Nielsen is well-established as a visionary photographer and talented director. After an epiphany in a sheep corral, he decided to move away from the family farm to seek big-city opportunity. By chance and luck, photography turned out to be his passion. As he took the quantum leap into his chosen field, those calloused lessons from his upbringing helped inform his prolific drive and outlaw creativity, forging an artistic path that has led him everywhere from the harsh deserts of Nevada to the bustling streets of India. With one foot planted in austere professionalism and another firmly in gonzo territory, Skylar strikes a balance between the kinetic and serene, producing work that is both visceral and reflective. With a stable of clients that have included the National Endowment of the Arts, Chevrolet, and Porsche, Skylar also directed the  acclaimed short film “Professional,” winner of the 2011 Slamdance Film Festival’s best short-form documentary award.