Headshot of Skylar Nielsen







2 years directly, 15 years indirectly

What’s your unofficial role at COW? // What hats (metaphorically and/or literally) do you wear at COW?
Director/Partner/Head of Distractions

How’d you get started in the industry?
I started at the bottom, and worked for anyone who would give me a chance.

What brought you to COW? What keeps you there?
I worked alongside the COW team 18 years ago as a still photographer, and then after years of working together on random projects a chance came up to buy into the company – and thus I am now a partner.

What makes COW different?
Consistency and capability to do pretty much anything relating to production.

If you could tell a prospective client only one thing about working with COW, what would it be?
We are ready, are you?

What’s your favorite part of your job? What gets you out of bed in the morning?
I like the people we work with.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to production?
We are all on the same team, so lets make it amazing and have lunch on time.

Where can we find you on a long weekend?
Power washing – I have the best power washer money can buy and I love it!

Two truths and a lie.
There should only be truths.

What’s the coolest piece of tech at COW?
The peoples brains that are part of the team, I still am trying to keep up with their minds and their updates.