Headshot of Marc-Alain Miller





Post Production Specialist 


3 months (lol)



What’s your unofficial role at COW? // What hats (metaphorically and/or literally) do you wear at COW?
Editor, Colorist, all-around hand, and general morale booster. I’ll jump into whatever role they need on set, but I’m mostly behind the scenes making the colors pop and the story sizzle.

How’d you get started in the industry?
I moved to LA after my college and got water (at a precise 47 degrees, no more, no less) for Gwyneth Paltrow and delivered scones for Lisa Kudrow. When I was tired of laying RAM board, I drifted more into post production, working as an editor for a number of production companies and agencies ranging from narratives, docu-mini series, and advertising for companies large and small. Eventually, I moved to Utah just in time for the Covid party, and discovered ICOW through the creative director of my last job.

What brought you to COW? What keeps you there?
They found me sleeping huddled in the back of the garage with nowhere to go and nourished me back to health, slowly establishing a bond of trust. I owe them my life. To call my coworkers amazing is an understatement. They’ve brought me into the fold of an environment where I can push the boundaries of my talent and expand my knowledge and skills along the way. There’s a familial aspect here, where each coworker brings something unique to the table, and we all lean off of each other to create great things together.

What makes COW different?
They’re more than just a company of artists, they feel like a family with long-standing bonds, with the all-encompassing talent to answer any call to action. I knew from the moment I was hired, I was going to be able to not only contribute but learn and grow in many different aspects. They really take the time and care to put passion into their work, and are a group I could definitely see dedicating myself to for the long haul.

Three interesting facts that most people don’t know about you.
I was born without an appendix, I never developed wisdom teeth, and I can drink a Capri-Sun in under a second.