Headshot of Jon Foster





Partner, Co-Founder



What’s your unofficial role at COW? // What hats (metaphorically and/or literally) do you wear at COW? 
Executive Producer/Partner/Head Stressor

How’d you get started in the industry?
TV news intern, thank god I escaped.

What brought you to COW? What keeps you there?
I needed to stop working 70 hours a week for other people at advertising agencies, so I decided to work 80 for myself that was in June of 2003

What makes COW different?
We try to suck less than everyone else.

If you could tell a prospective client only one thing about working with COW, what would it be?
We will make you happy.

What’s your favorite part of your job? What gets you out of bed in the morning?
I like the people we work with.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to production?
I used to be on the Agency side and I hated the way production companies worked. If you needed a small change half the Prod companies wouldn’t make them, I’d have to go to 3-4 places to get things done. I wanted to provide a one stop shopping version of a production company.

Where can we find you on a long weekend?
Usually in a giant 5th wheel trailer somewhere cool or on the coast.

Who is your hero?
My son

What’s the key to a smooth production?
Lack of drama which means good pre-production