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Post Production Specialist





What’s your unofficial role at COW? // What hats (metaphorically and/or literally) do you wear at
I don’t know how unofficial it is at this point, but I am the dog godmother/aunt at ICOW. I am the person the dogs come to when they need or want something. For Blu, I am the only person qualified to fill the water bowl and, for Chuck, I am the person he comes to for everything. I am the person whose desk Chuck hides under when he is in trouble, the person whose lap he jumps into uninvited when he’s cold, and the person he cries to when all the other dogs have gone home, and he’s bored. I gladly watch all the dogs when their owners need to step out of the office or are in a meeting.

How’d you get started in the industry?
I went to school for biomedical art where I fell in love with 2D animation. After I graduated, I worked as a contractor for a few years doing mostly illustration work while teaching myself as much animation/motion graphics stuff as I could. I ended up with a full-time position for a company making medical education videos for patients. After 5 years, I started to get a bit bored only working on medical content. I applied to ICOW and somehow got hired. Since starting here, I’ve gotten to work on a much wider variety of subjects and techniques. I am very glad I made the switch because I feel it has made me a more well-rounded artist and kept me sane.

What brought you to COW? What keeps you there?
The name of the company is what caught my attention when I was searching for a new job. I thought it was funny, so I researched the company a bit more and it sounded like exactly what I was looking for in terms of employment. I stay because all I ever wanted in a job is to work on cool projects with other talented artists and that is exactly what I get to do at ICOW.

What’s your favorite part of your job? What gets you out of bed in the morning?
My favorite part of my job is that every day is a bit different from the day before. Even though I’m always doing post, we have such a wide variety of clients that I never get bored. My coworkers are pretty great, too.

Where can we find you on a long weekend?
On a long weekend, you can find me outside hiking, climbing, or camping year-round. If the weather is truly terrible, you can find me climbing in the gym or at home knitting while listening to audio books.