Headshot of Alex Harris





Editor | Motion Designer | Post Production Supervisor of the Night





What makes COW different?
We’re called Impatient Cow. Don’t you want to work with us to be able to write that on your tax forms?

If you could tell a prospective client only one thing about working with COW, what would it be?
We’re one of the oldest, or *ahem* “most mature” production companies in Utah for a reason.

Where can we find you on a long weekend?
At a café writing my sci-fi novel, at a café writing music, or at my friend’s house doing coffee tastings pretending we’re a café.

Two truths and a lie.
1. I fought off a mugger at an ATM in Paris.
2. I’m nocturnal
3. I am Batman (is it really a lie if the other two are true?)

Who is your hero?
Carl Sagan. Or Jean-Luc Picard (yes I’m turning this question into a Star Trek is better than Star Wars fight. Come at me, Marco).

What’s the coolest piece of tech at COW?
Our surprisingly stable Promax fiber network that allows us all to edit off a central server as if it were a super-fast SSD in our own computers. Either that, or the giant fiberglass cow in the corner named Mooby.